CrimCheck Review

As one of the more popular web based background checks out there – CrimCheck has drawn quite a crowd of users.

Primarily, it offers background checks and pre-employment screenings but the latter is really only available for legitimate businesses. Still, no matter who you are you can definitely benefit from the checks that CrimCheck carries out.

The only questions are – how good is it really and how does it compare against the competition?


It must be said that price wise CrimCheck is a generally about the same or slightly cheaper than most other background checks out there. An advanced check will set you back about $49.95 while a Nationwide Criminal Records check costs about $29.95.

Honestly the difference in pricing between most background checks nowadays is small and this is about average.

Sources and Reliability

Unfortunately the one area where CrimCheck does fall slightly short in is its sources (and thus the reliability of the information in its reports). Compared to most other top background checks – it does not line up favorably.

CrimCheck does cover fairly comprehensive sources – but it isn’t complete. Certain areas such as average income, drivers license and records, and others are absent. In short, if you’re expecting a fully comprehensive report that details absolutely everything that there is to know about the background of a person – you may be disappointed.

That being said, CrimCheck does cover enough sources that you can count on its data. Many of the sources that aren’t covered are really not all that crucial – especially not for background checks for employment purposes.

In the long run, it’s up to you though – are you willing to settle for less data? Is it really that important that you know absolutely everything that there is to find out?


All in all, CrimCheck is not one of those bogus background checks that will only check a handful of sources. Instead, it is a legitimate background checking agencies that delves deeply into the available information and will hand you a report instantly.

That being said – it isn’t perfect, but then again there is no one background checking agency that is totally perfect.

Even if you’re totally new to background checks, you’ll find that CrimCheck makes everything a lot easier. In fact, it is probably one of the easiest to use checks out there as it doesn’t bombard you with information that you really don’t need.
By getting straight to the point, and letting you get your check done quickly and effectively – it really is worth checking out.

End of the day, the choice is yours – but this is definitely one background checking agency that despite its flaws is worth the visit.

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